Split Entree

Served with starter and two sides;  additional $18

Corkage fee

$20 per bottle (750 ml) or $10 per bottle for each bottle purchased

CAKE PLATING FEE - $5 / plate

Service Charge

An 18% taxable service charge will be added to all items on every bill.  All Alfred's employees (excluding management) share a portion of this service charge in the form of wages, commissions, and benefits.  Any additional tips will go directly to your server. 

Sales tax will be added to all items served and the service charge.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express


Real Steaks. Real Martinis. Real San Francisco.

Alfred’s Steakhouse exclusively uses aged (4 to 6 weeks) primal cuts of beef from specially selected corn-fed, top choice grade or higher cattle. All our steaks come from beef that has been raised on grass and finished on grass & corn, except the tenderloin (Filet Mignon) which is completely grass-fed.  Alfred’s uses steaks from cattle that are naturally raised, from start to finish, without hormones or antibiotics – ‘never-never beef’. 

All our steaks are hand cut, lightly salted, grilled over Mexican Mesquite charcoal and oven finished.